I recently stumbled upon an article on Wikipedia about my community "Thulluva Vellalar" which is acknowledged in my community certificate. But, there are three main divisions under the Vellalar community namely Gounder, Mudaliar and Pillai and their sub classifications are as follows [as sourced from Wikipedia]

Vellalar Sub castes under Gounder :

  1. Kongu Vellalar
Vellalar Sub caste under Mudaliar :
  1. Thondaimandala Saiva Vellalar
  2. Thulluva Vellalar
Vellalar Sub caste Under Pillai :
  1. Aarunattu Vellalar
  2. Chozhia Vellar
  3. Karkarthar
  4. Thirunelveli Saiva Pillai
  5. Nanjil Vellalar
  6. Saiva Velallar
My question here is to if I really belong to the thulluva vellalars as both my grand parents are named using the Pillai title namely Arumugam Pillai ( my dad's father) and Natrajar Pillai (my mom's father) where the "Thulluva Vellalar" only classifies under the main caste Mudaliar and not the Pillai.

May be the government agency's negligence have caused all this trouble (or) is the Wikipedia wrong ?

I also take this opportunity to convey my highest affection and infinite love to the two greatest men I will always miss; my grandfathers Arumugam Pillai, Dindigul and Natrajar Pillai, Coimbatore ( Ever Bright mills)